Indigenous Women Artists (IWA) is a grass-roots, Vancouver BC based artist collective. We are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization that supports the collective and also promotes indigenous women artists in general by organizing:

  • Arts shows
  • Art markets
  • public performances and events
  • Creating IWA Art Cards – coming 2019
  • And educational programming

IWA aims to:

  • Create opportunities for Indigenous women artists
  • Provide art workshops on contemporary or traditional art practices
  • Produce Art Shows and Events that show case indigenous women artists
  • Offer educational programs that help artists with business development and financial planning,
  • Promote the events and artwork of Indigenous women artists
  • Be an inclusive organization welcoming indigenous women artists of all ages, trans or cis, LGBTQ2S, of different abilities and talents, beliefs and traditions.
  • Connect with other organizations to help create opportunities for Indigenous women artists.

IWA aims to present Indigenous women artists to the general public, to community members across Vancouver, and beyond. They aim to give indigenous woman a voice by giving indigenous women artists a platform.



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